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Navigating Snagging in New UAE Developments: A Quick Guide

Purchasing a new property in the UAE is an exciting venture, but the process doesn't end with the keys in hand. The crucial step of snagging ensures your dream home is flawless. In this quick guide, we'll explore what to expect and how to navigate snagging effectively in new developments.

Property Snagging

Understanding New Development Dynamics:

New developments promise modern living but come with unique challenges. Developers work swiftly, leading to common snagging issues like cosmetic defects and finishing discrepancies.

Setting Realistic Expectations:

Recognize that even meticulously planned developments may have imperfections. Set realistic expectations, understanding that snagging in new builds requires a different mindset compared to existing properties.

The Importance of Timely Snagging:

Conduct a detailed inspection promptly, documenting defects with descriptions and photographs. Timely snagging sets the stage for a positive relationship with the developer and swift issue resolution.

Navigating the Snagging Process:

Conducting a Detailed Inspection:

Examine every aspect of the property, checking for cosmetic defects and ensuring the functionality of appliances, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Documenting Defects:

Create a snagging list with detailed descriptions and photos for each identified issue, serving as a crucial reference during discussions with the developer.

Prioritizing Issues:

Prioritize defects based on severity. Structural or safety concerns should be addressed urgently, while cosmetic issues can be scheduled for later resolution.

Effective Communication:

Communicate openly with the developer. Submit the snagging list promptly and establish a cooperative relationship for a smoother resolution process.

Understanding Developer Responsibilities:

Know the developer's obligations during the snagging period. Developers are typically responsible for rectifying defects within a specified timeframe.

Common Snagging Issues:

Finishing Touches: Address incomplete or inconsistent finishing touches for a polished appearance.

Appliance Functionality: Ensure all appliances function correctly and meet expected standards.

Utilities and Infrastructure: Check for issues with utilities, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Doors and Windows: Inspect for proper installation, functionality, and security.

The Role of Professional Snagging Services:

Consider professional services for a thorough inspection, especially if complexities in the property may be overlooked by an untrained eye.


In conclusion, snagging in new UAE developments is a critical step. By understanding the dynamics, setting realistic expectations, conducting timely inspections, effectively communicating with developers, and considering professional services when needed, homeowners can ensure a smooth transition to their dream home. Embrace snagging as an opportunity to address issues, laying the groundwork for a positive homeownership experience.

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