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Preparing for the Handover: Your Checklist for a Smooth Property Possession

Congratulations on your new property purchase in the UAE! As the handover date approaches, it's essential to be well-prepared to ensure a seamless transition into your new home. The handover process is a critical step where you officially take possession of the property from the developer. To make the handover a stress-free experience, we've compiled a comprehensive checklist to help you stay organized and address essential tasks before the big day.

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Review Your Purchase Agreement:

Before the handover, thoroughly review your purchase agreement to ensure that all terms and conditions have been met. Check the agreed-upon fixtures, fittings, and finishes to confirm that everything aligns with your expectations. Familiarize yourself with any warranty or guarantee details provided by the developer.

Schedule a Pre-Handover Inspection:

Reach out to the developer to schedule a pre-handover inspection. This is a crucial step to identify any potential defects or discrepancies before taking possession of the property. During the inspection, carefully examine the interior and exterior of the property, including walls, flooring, electrical fittings, plumbing, and any other fixtures.

Verify Completion and Quality:

Ensure that the property is completed to the expected standards and that the quality is in line with the agreed specifications. Check for any signs of incomplete work or subpar finishes. This inspection is essential to address any issues before you move in and avoid complications later on.

Ensure Proper Documentation:

Gather all the necessary documentation for the handover. This may include your original purchase agreement, identification documents, and any additional paperwork required by the developer or government authorities. Keeping your documents organized will expedite the handover process.

Set Up Utilities and Services:

Contact utility providers to schedule the setup of essential services such as electricity, water, and gas. Additionally, arrange for internet and cable services if needed. Ensuring that everything is operational from day one will make your move-in more comfortable.

Plan for the Move:

Start planning your move well in advance. If you're hiring a moving company, book their services early to secure your preferred date. Create a moving timeline and inform relevant parties, such as your employer, schools, and postal services, about your change of address.

Budget for Initial Expenses:

Consider the initial expenses you might incur during the handover and move-in process. This could include service fees, maintenance costs, and any necessary repairs or renovations. Setting a budget will help you manage your finances efficiently during this period.

Inspect Safety and Security Features:

Prioritize the safety and security of your new property. Test all fire alarms, smoke detectors, and security systems to ensure they are functioning correctly. Familiarize yourself with emergency exits and evacuation procedures within the building or community.

Organize Home Insurance:

Protect your investment and belongings by arranging home insurance coverage. Consult with insurance providers to select a policy that meets your needs and provides adequate coverage for your property and its contents.

Plan for Post-Handover Improvements:

Consider any improvements or personalization you'd like to make after the handover. Whether it's painting the walls, installing new fixtures, or renovating certain areas, planning ahead will help you prioritize projects and make the most of your new space.


By following this comprehensive checklist, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for the property handover in the UAE. Taking the time to inspect, document, and organize everything will contribute to a smooth and hassle-free move-in experience. Remember, being well-prepared allows you to fully enjoy your new property from day one and sets the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

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