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The 10 most common issues found when snagging a home in Dubai

During a snagging inspection in the UAE, which is a process of identifying and recording defects or issues in a newly constructed or renovated property, the following are some common issues that are often found:

Property Inspection Dubai

  1. Plumbing Problems: Issues such as leaking pipes, improper drainage, faulty faucets, or insufficient water pressure are frequently encountered during snagging inspections.

  2. Electrical Faults: Defective wiring, improper grounding, malfunctioning switches or sockets, and inadequate electrical safety measures are commonly identified problems.

  3. Paint and Finishing Defects: Poor paint application, uneven or flaking paint, blemishes on walls or ceilings, or improperly finished surfaces are frequently found issues during inspections.

  4. Flooring Deficiencies: Problems with floor leveling, loose tiles or floorboards, inadequate sealing or grouting, or damaged floor finishes are commonly discovered during snagging inspections.

  5. Door and Window Issues: Misaligned doors or windows, faulty locks or handles, poor insulation resulting in drafts, or improper sealing are often identified problems.

  6. Structural Defects: Cracks in walls, ceilings, or floors, uneven or sagging structures, or insufficient reinforcement are significant issues that can be found during inspections.

  7. Insulation and Ventilation Problems: Inadequate insulation, insufficient ventilation, improper installation of HVAC systems, or faulty ductwork are commonly noted issues affecting energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

  8. Waterproofing and Leakage: Water leaks, inadequate waterproofing in wet areas such as bathrooms or balconies, or faulty drainage systems are frequently encountered problems.

  9. Joinery and Cabinetry Issues: Poorly installed or misaligned cabinets, loose fittings, malfunctioning hinges or handles, or substandard joinery work are common findings during snagging inspections.

  10. Fixtures and Fittings: Damaged or incorrectly installed fixtures, such as light fixtures, switches, sanitary fittings, or kitchen appliances, are often identified during inspections.

It's important to note that the specific issues found during a snagging inspection can vary depending on the individual property and construction project. Additionally, this list is not exhaustive and other issues may also be discovered during the inspection process.

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