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The Debate: Why Some Property Investors in Dubai Skip Snagging Specialists

Property investment in Dubai's booming real estate market is an attractive prospect for many investors. However, there is an ongoing debate among these investors about whether to appoint snagging specialists for home inspections or rely solely on the developer's defect liability period. In this blog post, we explore the reasons behind the choice of some property investors to skip snagging specialists and the potential advantages and disadvantages of this approach.


Confidence in Developer Reputation:

One of the key reasons why some property investors in Dubai choose to skip snagging specialists is their trust in the reputation of well-established developers. Dubai has numerous reputable developers known for their commitment to quality construction. Investors often assume that these developers will rectify any defects during the defect liability period, making third-party inspections unnecessary.

Cost Considerations:

Appointing a snagging specialist can add to the upfront costs of property acquisition. Some investors, especially those with tight budgets, may decide to skip this expense in favor of relying on the developer's warranty. The assumption here is that any issues will be resolved by the developer at no additional cost.

Limited Awareness:

In some cases, property investors, especially newcomers to the Dubai real estate market, might not be fully aware of the benefits of snagging specialists. They may not understand the potential long-term advantages of a professional inspection, including the ability to identify hidden defects that could manifest after the defect liability period.

Confidence in Regulatory Oversight:

Dubai's real estate market is governed by stringent regulations and authorities that monitor construction quality. Investors may feel confident that these regulatory bodies will hold developers accountable for any construction deficiencies. This sense of oversight can lead investors to assume that defects will be addressed, further reducing the need for snagging specialists.

Short Defect Liability Periods:

Some investors in Dubai properties with relatively short defect liability periods (typically 6 to 12 months) might opt to wait out this period before making a decision about snagging specialists. They may prioritize addressing any issues directly with the developer during this time frame.

Potential Drawbacks of Skipping Snagging Specialists:

While the decision to skip snagging specialists can be motivated by various factors, there are potential drawbacks:

Hidden Defects: Snagging specialists are trained to identify even minor defects that might go unnoticed by the untrained eye. Skipping their services can result in hidden issues emerging after the defect liability period, potentially leading to additional expenses.-

Loss of Time: Relying solely on the developer's warranty may mean waiting for issues to surface before they are addressed. This can result in delays and inconvenience for property investors.

Legal Recourse: If disputes arise with the developer regarding defects, having a professional inspection report from a snagging specialist can provide valuable evidence in legal proceedings.


The decision to skip snagging specialists and rely on the developer's defect liability period in Dubai's property market is influenced by various factors, including trust in developers, cost considerations, and confidence in regulatory oversight. While this approach may work for some investors, it's crucial to weigh the potential drawbacks and consider the long-term benefits of a professional inspection. Ultimately, the choice should align with an investor's risk tolerance, budget, and understanding of the real estate market in Dubai. Consulting with real estate experts and lawyers can provide valuable guidance in making this decision.

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