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Importance of Snagging Inspection During Property Handover

Resolving snagging issues with developers is a crucial aspect of the property buying process. As a new homeowner, it is essential to understand your rights and obligations when it comes to addressing and rectifying any defects or issues discovered during the snagging inspection. In this blog post, we will delve into the process of resolving snagging issues with developers, including the legal aspects, timelines, and dispute resolution mechanisms available. Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the snagging resolution process confidently and ensure that your new property meets the highest quality standards.


Know Your Rights as a Homeowner:

As a homeowner, you have specific rights when it comes to addressing snagging issues with developers. Familiarize yourself with your rights as outlined in the sales and purchase agreement, including the developer's obligations to rectify defects within a specified timeframe. Understanding these rights will help you assert your position and ensure that the necessary repairs or corrections are carried out promptly.

Effective Communication with the Developer:

Communication is key when it comes to resolving snagging issues with developers. Establish clear and effective lines of communication, preferably in writing, to document your concerns and requests. Maintain a record of all correspondences, including emails and letters, to support your case if needed. Be proactive in following up on the progress of the snagging resolution and maintain a professional and respectful tone throughout the communication process.

Documenting Defects:

Thorough documentation of identified defects is crucial when resolving snagging issues with developers. Create a detailed snagging report that clearly outlines each issue, accompanied by photographs or other supporting evidence. Be specific in describing the defects, including their location, extent, and impact on the property. This comprehensive documentation will strengthen your case and ensure that the developer understands the severity and urgency of the issues.

Timelines and Escalation:

Pay close attention to the timelines outlined in your sales and purchase agreement for snagging issue resolution. Developers are typically obligated to rectify the defects within a specific timeframe. If the developer fails to address the issues within the agreed-upon timeline, you may need to escalate the matter. Research the relevant authorities or governing bodies, such as Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA), and understand the escalation process for unresolved snagging issues. Follow the appropriate procedures to seek assistance and ensure a timely resolution.

Seeking Legal Advice:

In cases where the developer does not address the snagging issues satisfactorily or there is a dispute regarding the resolution, it may be necessary to seek legal advice. Consult with a qualified real estate attorney who specializes in property law to understand your legal options. They can guide you through the legal processes, such as filing a complaint or pursuing legal action if necessary. A legal professional can provide valuable advice and representation to protect your rights and interests as a homeowner.


Resolving snagging issues with developers requires a clear understanding of your rights, effective communication, and proper documentation. By familiarizing yourself with the legal aspects, timelines, and dispute resolution mechanisms, you can navigate the snagging resolution process confidently. Always maintain professional and respectful communication with the developer, documenting all concerns and following up diligently. Seek legal advice if needed to protect your rights as a homeowner. Remember, resolving snagging issues ensures that your new property meets the highest quality standards, providing you with a comfortable and secure living environment.

Please note that this blog post is for informational purposes only and should not substitute professional legal advice. Ensure to consult with a qualified attorney for specific guidance related to your situation.

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