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The Role of Snagging Specialists in Dubai Property Handovers: A Comprehensive Guide

Investing in a property is a significant milestone, especially in a dynamic real estate market like Dubai. As the city continues to grow with a plethora of new property developments, the importance of a seamless handover process cannot be overstated. This is where snagging specialists come into play. In this article, we'll delve into when property owners should consider appointing snagging specialists for their Dubai properties and gain insight into the snagging process during new property handovers.


The Need for Snagging Specialists:

Preventing Future Hassles:

It's imperative to recognize that no property is immune to imperfections upon completion. These discrepancies, known as "snags," can range from minor cosmetic issues to more critical structural defects. Engaging a snagging specialist prior to taking possession of the property ensures that these issues are identified and rectified, saving property owners from potential future headaches.

Protecting Investments:

Property investments are substantial commitments, both financially and emotionally. Appointing a snagging specialist serves as a safeguard against unexpected defects that might decrease the value of the property or hinder its marketability. Addressing these problems early on can help maintain the property's value and resale potential.

Navigating Developer Obligations:

Developers in Dubai are obligated to ensure that properties meet a certain standard before handing them over to buyers. Snagging specialists are well-versed in these standards and can help property owners hold developers accountable for any deviations from these requirements.

When to Appoint a Snagging Specialist:

Pre-Handover Stage:

Ideally, property owners should hire a snagging specialist before the official handover from the developer. This enables the specialist to conduct a thorough inspection while the property is still under the developer's responsibility. It ensures that identified issues are rectified before the property changes hands.

Completion Notice Received:

Property owners typically receive a completion notice from the developer indicating that the property is ready for handover. This is a crucial trigger to initiate the snagging process. Appointing a snagging specialist at this point allows for an exhaustive assessment of the property's condition before acceptance.

The Snagging Process in Dubai:

Comprehensive Inspection:

A snagging specialist's primary task is to meticulously inspect the property, both externally and internally. This involves assessing aspects such as structural integrity, finishes, fittings, plumbing, electrical systems, and more. The specialist creates a comprehensive report detailing all identified issues, categorizing them by their severity.

Report Compilation:

The snagging specialist compiles a detailed report that includes photographs and descriptions of each snag discovered during the inspection. This report is a valuable document that property owners can use to communicate with developers and contractors regarding necessary repairs.

Engaging with Developers:

Armed with the snagging report, property owners can engage with developers to discuss and negotiate the rectification of identified issues. The report provides an objective basis for these discussions, ensuring that developers address concerns in a timely manner.

Reinspection and Verification:

After developers address the identified snags, a reinspection is conducted by the snagging specialist to verify that all issues have been effectively resolved. This step ensures that the property is in its intended condition before the owner takes possession.


Appointing a snagging specialist for your Dubai property is a proactive approach that can save you from potential headaches down the road. By identifying and rectifying issues before taking possession, property owners can protect their investments and ensure that their new properties meet the expected standards. The snagging process, involving comprehensive inspections, detailed reports, and developer engagements, forms an essential part of a successful property handover, contributing to a smooth and worry-free transition.

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