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The Ultimate Checklist for Snagging a Penthouse

Purchasing a penthouse is a significant investment, and ensuring that every aspect of your new home meets your expectations is crucial. Snagging is the process of thoroughly inspecting a property to identify any defects or unfinished work that needs attention before you move in. Here’s a concise checklist for snagging a penthouse, covering the essentials from structural integrity to the smallest finishing details.


Structural Integrity

Walls and Ceilings: Check for cracks, use a spirit level to ensure they’re plumb and level, and look for signs of dampness.

Floors: Walk around to feel for uneven spots and inspect the quality of flooring materials for any damage.


Bathrooms: Ensure taps, showers, and baths are securely fitted, check for leaks, and test water pressure.

Kitchen and Utility Areas: Verify sink, dishwasher, washing machine, and boiler installations, and check for leaks.

Electrical Systems

Outlets and Switches: Test every outlet and switch, and ensure proper positioning.

Lighting and Safety Systems: Verify that all light fixtures work and test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Windows and Doors

Windows: Ensure smooth operation, check seals for drafts, and inspect glazing for defects.

Doors: Test locks and handles, check alignment, and ensure smooth operation.

External Areas

Balconies and Terraces: Check railings for stability, ensure proper waterproofing, and inspect flooring materials.

Roof and Exterior Walls: Look for leaks or dampness and ensure guttering and drainage systems function properly.

Utilities and Services

Water Supply: Test water pressure and quality.

Gas Supply: Test for potential gas leaks and ensure appliances are properly installed.

Electricity: Check circuit breakers and inspect the electrical panel.

Documentation and Reporting

Snag List: Create a detailed list with descriptions and photos of all issues, prioritizing based on severity.

Communication: Submit your snag list to the developer or builder and arrange follow-up inspections.

By following this checklist, you can ensure your penthouse is up to standard and ready for you to enjoy, protecting your investment and providing peace of mind.

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